NMI Certification

Does your drinkware comply with Australian requirements?

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Brand My Drinkware works with a range of alcohol brands, agencies and glassware manufacturers to ensure their drinkware complies with the strict Australian alcohol weights and measures requirements.

Brim Measures

What is a brim measure?

Remember the last time you were at your local and ordered your favourite beer? The bar attendant would have most likely poured your ale to the top of a certified beer glass, which is, in fact, the brim measure.
As a venue or event organiser, it’s your responsibility to serve beer in a weights and measures certified glass of either a 285ml Pot, 425ml Schooner or 570ml Pint.
To learn more about NMI guidelines and whether your drinkware requires certification, get in touch with our experienced team.

Line Measures 

What is a line measure?

As a bartender or venue owner do you find that when it comes to the last serve in the wine bottle that it is significantly conservative or generous? 
As a consumer do you feel like a "standard" wine glass differs from venue to venue? Do you make an effort to smile profusely to the bartender in the hopes he/she will have a heavy hand when pouring your drink of choice?
A line measure controls your pours ensuring great wine service. Also known as a plimsoll line or pour line, it is used to clearly and accurately measure the amount of alcohol being served into drinkware. Line measures are commonly used for wine glasses, beer glasses, beer jugs and carafes.
Nowadays venues are incorporating their logo or motif as the pour line. 
Want to have correct line measures and make a statement with your drinkware? To learn more about the required certification and personalising your drinkware, get in touch with our friendly team.

Beer Jugs & Speciality

Specialty drinkware vessels such as jugs, beer towers and wine carafes are perfect for showcasing your brand within a venue. However, it’s imperative that your promotional products are certified and approved for the on-premise market.
For assistance in understanding your NMI weights and measurements requirements as well as ensuring that all products that your premise serves alcohol from are certified and approved, chat with our licensee team today.

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